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The Art of Writing is More Than Simply Putting Words

Wordputting: the community for "writers"
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This is a select group of astonishingly talented young writers who come here to polish their craft together. And their names will be praised amongst all the kingdoms of the world hereafter.

It's true! Really!

This community is for our friends only. It's not that we're snobs, it's just that we really don't like to share or play nice.
abandoned works, avoiding real work, bitching, books, capslock, carpel tunnel syndrome, computer stabbing, despair, drunken debauchery, getting rich, going slowly mad, great american novels, implausible ideas, italics, jealousy, literature, magic tomatoes, melting vibrators, movie rights, netflix, pizza, poorly-punctuated dialogue, procrastinating, reading, rhetoric, run-on sentences, screenplays, spelling, thesaurus, woe, word counters, word putting, works-in-progress, writing, writing about not writing, writing frenzy